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Joy and Sorrow in AG Market.

Gadget, Lavis crusing Lucare and Vivaco smooth

Leslie Chang ( 다른기사보기 

2015-04-30 오후 2:18 페이스북 트윗터 목록 보기 프린트

The market result of the original versus the entrusted authorized generic(AG) obviously turned out in real. The market initiator that comes in first helped the market share boast while the generics that come after the originals are not quite successful in the market.

The Pharm Business Daily has analyzed the case of Lucare and other generics by CJ HealthCare in 2015 1st quarter. The analysis report shows the AG groups of Cingularire, Cresto and Alvis good results.

Lucare that is a type of Cingularie AG is being distributed by CJ HealthCare. The total sales of Lucare is slightly down on previous year same period but still the revenue is more than KRW 3B per quarter.

Alvis by DaeWoong showed a good result. The first generic of Alvis 'Gadeget' was put on the red ocean and sluggish but the its brother Alvis-D showed better result.

Gadget was down in description base sales to KRW 250M. It hit 430M last same period. Alvis-D filled out the empty having KRW 400M worth description sales. In result, Gadget and Lavis got into the brethren completion in the market.

Looking into the case of Alvis and Lucare, those success reason is explained that two things - resemblance of the original and the early into the market penetration.

Those are not only the success case by the generics category, there is a case without the presales - Vivaco a twin drug of Cresto by CJ HealthCare. Vivaco reached already the 310M revenue peak only within the first quarter. It was not produced by the CJ but it seems to be the record high in generic along with Ex-One.

Other AG like Exforge, Omaco, Sebica and Allmetec didn't do a good job. They was not able to convince consumers it was better or outstanding in other existing category on its first sales. Besides, Allmetec and Sebica were all ARB blood pressure drugs nothing more than expected.

Among them Cico and Sebiact were miserable. Cico only sold 83M worth, Sebiact were 55M worth. Adding to the domestic market case, also it is said the Cico and Seibact were in failure overall even in the global-wise sales.

One of source in the industry said "According to the Patent-Approval linked system, there are good view where the generic market would ramp up soon, while there is a view that the entrusted generic strategy is not always the key of success. Therefore, time to release, the overall market trend and other circumstances are keenly affected to the generic." That is the typical generic market pattern" the source added
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