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Total 20 Trillion won worth Revenue

Average 6.6% up
Domestic Pharm Co's total revenue in 2014

Leslie Chang ( 다른기사보기 

2015-04-13 오전 11:00 페이스북 트윗터 목록 보기 프린트

The recent analysis study over domestic Pharm Co's total revenue in 2014 was 19.9 TR won increasing 6.6% up. 6.6% of operational profit and 26% up of net profit while one-third of Pharm Co's were worsened their profitable structure comparing to that of previous year.

The Pharm Business Daily has looked up over 150 P.Cs on their 2014 business report analysis that has been submitted to the audit report.

Total 150 P.Cs revenue was up 6.6% in general. This is 4.9% up of year 2013. Other than JongKeunDang as they had separated the mother-firm in 2013,the total revenue reached to 20.4 TR won.

Among these, PFizer and other foreign affiliated firms revenue was 4.1 Tr won that is more than 20% of the total.

Top seat went to YuHan having 1.1 Tr won 2 years consecutive crown in the revenue perspective, followed by Greencross Pharm Co. with 9.8% up (975.3B won) right before the 1 Tr rev and HanMi (761.3 B won), DaeWoong (735.9 B won).

Among the foreign affiliated Pharm COs, PFizer Korea was 628.3 B won, Dong-Ah ST for 568.1 B won, JongKeunDang for 544.1 B won, KwangDong for 522.3 B won, Che-Il Pharm Co for 512.7 B won. These 4 leading group is competing to reach to the level of 500 B level of Rev. Among this group, Dong-Ah ST ramped up 14.6% up while HanMi for 4.3% up and Pfizer for 4.8%.

In the range of Rev 400 B worth, Novartis Korea is leading with 454.4 B but 6% drop from the previous year. JW JoongWoe was 4.7% up but merely 417.5 B worth rev that is regarded as the slowest racer in the middle-range runners.

Thanks to the Kanarv, BoRyung was 9.8% up with 359.5 B Rev and Bayer Korea for 334.1 B with -1.8% down and Astrazeneca for 318.8 with 5.7% up in Rev.

Generally, foreign-affiliated firms didn't show a good growth but Jansen Korea did a good growth for 211.9 B and Beringeringelheim for 204.9 B. These 2 firms showed 2-digit growth for each 10.4% and 17.0% up.

Huons for 182.3 B, DaeWon 178.2 B and KyungDong for 154.4 B in the middle-range group that all showed the 2-digits growth.

Among the foreign-affilliated firms, Merk Korea for 169.1B, Dakeda Korea for 121.4B, Aiichi-Sankyo Korea for 100.7 B and Galderma Korea for 76.6. These firms showed the steping-over the industry average revenue growth.

30 PCs including Noartis Korea, DongWha Pharm Co and KeunWha Pharm Co are marked as decrease in revenue in 2014.

The average net profit in total Pharm CO's increased to 26.6% which obviously can be considered as a big ramp up in profits. However, 71 P.Cs among the total 150 specimen in the analysis study remained in red-letter or diminished status in revenue perspective. This is presumably due to R&D investment or new investment for the facility or even higher corporate taxation issue.
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