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14% R&D investment of domestic Pharm-Co.

Han-Mi seated Top

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2015-04-03 오전 11:05 페이스북 트윗터 목록 보기 프린트

Pharm Companies in Korea has invested 1T KRW worth of R&D fee last year increasing 14.6% up under the not-so-good of their financial healthy condition.

The Pharm Daily has confirmed it through the analysis report researching more than 60 Pharm Co in 2014 that are listed in KOSPI and KOSDAQ.

The sum of listed 60 Pharm Co's R&D investment has increased 14.6% up comparing YOY 2013, worth of 1.24T won. In average, this figure is approximately 7.6% of their entire revenue and their investment seems to grow gradually.

Except for the Celltrion that are fully focused on Bio-Similar, Han-mi Pharm Co is seated at the top investing 20% of their revenue, worth of 152.5B Won.

DaeWoong Pharm Co. showed 13.58% (23.5% up YOY comparison) investing 98.7B Won close enough to the level of 100T. Greencross for 84.6B and LGLS for 80.2B. DongAh-ST and DongAh Socio marked each for 64.4B and 34.9B, sum of 99.3B close to Han-Mi's investment.

Among the top listed Pharm Co, JongKeunDang showed 69.7% up in ratio but it resulted only counting in 4Q 2013. However, they invested 74.7B Won on R&D that is 13.71% of their entire revenue.

Most of top seated Pharm Co spent more than 10% of their revenue on R&D, while YuHan only remained around 5.7%. Also, Jhe-Il, known as having many block-buster product thanks to aligned with global leading Pharm Co, only spent 3.27% that obviously explains their primary focus is merely selling the goods from the partners.

DaeWon Pharm Co showed 8.9% of the revenue increasing 55.5% up YOY comparison while AhnKook Pharm Co 22.2% up, Korea United 21.6% up and BuKwang 34.3% up. These pharm Cos are in the middle-sized marked domestic firms.

Majority Pharm-Co's are expanding their R&D investment, however still there are many Pharm-Cos spending less than 4% of their revenue after all showing the bi-polarization in domestic Pharm-Cos status. Those are DaeHan for 0.07%, KwnagDong for 1.1%, KeunHwa for 2.7% and KyungDong for 3.1%.
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