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Ranked high for block buster

DongAhㆍYuHanㆍChe-Il Pham Cos.
Only ‘Lipito’ for 100B Rev fortress

Leslie Chang ( 다른기사보기 

2015-04-02 오전 10:30 페이스북 트윗터 목록 보기 프린트

Among the Pharm Co. revenues last year in Korea, the Lipito for hyperlipidemia only went over the KRW 100B and Sebica and Birierd showed a revenue ramp-up. Mainly foreign affiliated firms occupied in high rank.

Only Baccas-D and Vita-500 by domestic firms listed in the top range and DongAh-ST was listed as the top position Pharm co. having more than 10M worth sales in their product lineups.

The Pharm Business Daily has analyzed the data upon the their business report publicly available for 2014. The data the Daily took a closer look on the case was more than 10M revenue, however there were quite a many candidate that can sooner or later enter into the club of 10B-Rev club.

Revenue top was by Baccus-D 4.4% up of YoY showing 187.6B net revenue. DongAh has increased the price to 10.3% from 1st of April and it will gradually increase the revenue the 19B worth.

In the medical category, Lipito by Pfizer showed 9.9% up of YoY. Lipito dramatically dropped down its revenue in US and other advanced market as their patent-holding was expired but still it showed a good momentum in Korea.

Birierd by YuHan ramped up 70% high with 90.1B rev and Tragenta and Twinsta also listed in the Top-10.

In the clinical area, Gliastine and Alvis by DaeWoong Pharm Co, slight down but still maintained the 60B worth Rev market capacity.

Sebaica and Janubia that are co-marketed with DaeWoong Pharm Co showed each 173.8 % and 60.0% up. Almetec was down due to the emerging of the generics with 42.7% down, that was the biggest down-ratio.

In the beverage category, Vita-500 by KwangDong Pharm Co showed 11.3% up and re-entered into the 100B club. Samda-soo showed 147.9B Rev too. In the drug-related category, SSangWha-like products with 15.6B and cheongsimwhan-pills-like for 29.8B Rev.

Kanarv by BoRyung Pharm Co for 34.5B with 58.1% up and their bidding card to the foreign market would be the key point for their further success story of this pills for the high blood pressure market.

By the Pharm Co category, DongAh-ST has 12 items that are regarded as the block-buster level and Yuhan has 10 items and Daewoong was the successor for having 7 items.

JongKeunDang for 6, BoRyung and KwangDong for 5 each. Il-Dong and HanDok has 4 items each. DongWha and BoKwang, Sam-Il has 3 items for each in the block-buster level of their portfolio.

While, Hanmi and Greecross Pharm Co. those listed up-high level didn't reveal their revenue records, therefore considering the fact those giants, the 10B Rev club numbers and items would be higher than the record-tracked by the Pharm Business Daily.
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