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Hanmi Pharm, to construct Smart Factory

to meet global needs
120B Invest to target 10M annual production

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2015-04-01 오후 2:14 페이스북 트윗터 목록 보기 프린트

Hanmi Pharm Co.(Mr. Kwan-Soon Lee, President) is going to build a 'Global Smart Factory' investing more than 120B KRW worth capital to produce more than 10M capacity production line to meet the requirements of complete set of drugs and the fostered drugs business expansion.

Hanmi Pharm Co. will build this Smart Factory at Hwa-Seong of KyungKi province and they will invest 120B and it is planning to complete by the July of 2016. 

This factory will obey the rules known as cGMP of US factory line regulations so as to meet the global needs of the prodcution, which will be the global standards of building-up the drug factory.

After the completion of the factory, Hanmi Pharm Co can produce 12M capacity of capsule types of drug annually and it then will be the biggest factory in Korea.

Major process to produce the drug is built under the 'One-Stop' concept and it will prevent the cross-contaminated erroneous process by using of the latest tech - 'Split-Valve process'.

They aim to enhance the effectiveness of the work by having the vertical process line as high as 8th-floor height and unmanned vehicle to automate the process. Also, an AGF (Auto Guided Forklift) process is to be adopted.

Thanks to the Smart Factory, Hanmi Pharm Co. can expect to expand the fostered drug production business as for the importing goods and they are seeking to partner with the leading global Pharm Co.

Mr. Jong-Soo Woo(VP of Factory line) stated that the Smart Factory is aiming to build up a 100% automated system from A to Z, drug production to distribution and it would surely be a cornerstone of domestic Pharm Co's new paradigm of constructing the drug factory.
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