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Dong-A ST CO.Ltd SIVEXTRO fly in EU

Merk to launch step by step of the year

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2015-03-27 오전 11:23 페이스북 트윗터 목록 보기 프린트

Sivextro developed by Donga-st Pharm. Co. gets one step forward to the global target.

Donga-st(Chan-Il Park, President) has announced Sivextro (mainly by Tedizolid Phosphate) targeting to super-bacteria was approved by European Commission to start selling on 27th March.

As a consequence, Sivextro can be sold at 28 EU zone and 3 EEA countries like Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway. They are preparing to ship to them within first half of this year.

Sivextro is effectively working on ABSSSI and MRSA. Sivextro is available on both oral and injection type to hamper down the bacteria that is trying to form a protein.

Sivextro by Donga-st has initiated to research from 2004 and carried out the pre-phase of clinical trial. They had completed the trial in 2006 with the support from the Ministry of Health and Welfare for the health technology planning project.

They out-licensed to Trius Therapeutics, US in early Jan 2007 and it was introduced to US market right after FDA approval in June 2014.

According to the sourcing company, MRSA's market capacity in 2012 was KRW 2.7Tril. and it will grow to KRW 3.5Tril by 2019.

Reportedly more than 150K people in Europe are contagious by MRSA and it reached to KRW 630B worth market.
President Mr. Park stated that Sivextro is effective to the patients infected by super-bacteria and easy way to cure them once a day within 6 days. It will be also helpful to the convenience as well as the economic stance of view, he added.

In the meanwhile, Trius Therapeutics was merged to CUBIST and again, Merk (MSD) merged CUBIST recently.

So, Merk is charging for selling Sivextro in US and Europe. Sivextro is under being tested with pneumonia patients for the phase-III trial.
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