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Control Tower for Food and Drug

by West-Seoul Prosecutor's Office
Stand-Alone dedicated team to investigate Food and Drug

Leslie Chang ( 다른기사보기 

2015-03-24 오후 4:36 페이스북 트윗터 목록 보기 프린트

The West-Seoul Prosecutor Office clearly announced that the new born team would be playing the role of the advance guard of securing Nation health by eliminating all different types of absurd and systematic corruptions that had ruled over the years in the Pharmaceutical Industry.

West-Seoul office reconfirmed their strong volition to clear rotten part off on March 23 at the signboard-hanging ceremony. 

West-Seoul office recently renewed as "Food and Drug Safety Dedicated Investigation Team" last year March and they had carried out the investigations on the field of food and drug-related criminals along with other teams. This year February, the team has been completely separated and formed out a self-standing investigation team dedicated only to the field of food and drug corruptions and criminals.

The team is led by Mr. Choel-Hee Lee (Chief Prosecutor) and has other 5 more prosecutors and other 5 more investigators. Also, another 11 more special investigators dispatched from MFDS and the Ministry of Health and Welfare to this team to derive the synergy.

The team is going to be a control tower of any food and drug related criminals and corruptions.

Not only investigating the criminals, also the team will be performing the law suit and system improvements as well in order to secure the public health and to eliminate the corruptions. They will run the 24-hours operational report center to collect crime et al.

The team is to withdraw any illegally attained profits and return it to the National Tax office so that the awareness of the term - "No profit with Corrupted way" is going to settle in the field of drug and food industry. To do so, they will run the system called "Clean Feedback System".

Through the 'Clean Feedback System', they focus on the area to improve the existing system where systematically is malfunctioning. Not as an one-shot event, but as a longer term to improve the entire system.

Over last one year, the team showed quite a big success by exposing the C-Pharm. Co rebate criminal over to 923 hospitals more than 5B KRW worth rebate and D-Pharm Co's 1.5B worth rebate crime to the public awareness.

The West-Seoul office also stated that the procedure for revising the existing regulations is being under process to aggravate the rebate givers and takers as the new request for the criminal in this field should be revised in 2014.

The revision of the law is to confine any givers and takers for 5 years of maximum sentence in prison and penalty worth 50M and it is currently being reviewed at the National Assembly.
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