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Influenza Vaccine : Superb for Effective

High 83% antibody creation. Lower to mutant advant.

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2015-03-24 오전 10:48 페이스북 트윗터 목록 보기 프린트

Influenza vaccine for infants to grown citizens has proved its precautionary effect and also showed the good symptom of creating antibody without major side effects.

MFDS and NIFDS has revealed the re-test results over the influenza vaccine that are commonly applied in domestic market on 24th of March.

They have carried out re-test from 2007 to 2014 over the years. The targeted group was total over 1,267 who were less than 18 years old and over 6-month infants and 1,218 additional target group over the adults. They carried out the safety re-check performance over the years and it has proved the safety.

The target vaccine was commonly used in domestic as H1N1, H3N2 and B for influential one and these are 4 types of inactivated measles vaccine and 2 types of subunit vaccines.

This research adopted the way WHO carries out and it has conducted the analysis on the precautionary effect, the ratio of creating the antibody and the reconfirmation of the safety.

They performed the 2 different groups that are exposed to the influenza with and without the vaccine and it has confirmed that the ratio of antibody growth and its vaccine actually works in the body.

For the safety check, aftermath of the influenza precautionary event they have watched out additional 4 weeks of time to see if there is any side effect that would be mainly caused by the vaccine.

Precautionary Effect Confirmed

For the infant and youth group, it showed 84.5% of precautionary effect that occurred from 2010 to 2011.

From 2013 to 2014, the same group showed 57.6% effects and over 60-aged target shoed merely 31.1% effectiveness.

One of reason the influenza ratio was dropping down during the time of test period was repeatedly observed in Green, Spain and other EU countries as well. Also, US CDC estimated this reasons for the mutating of the original H3N2 host.

Ratio of antibody creation

The antibody creation ratio over the adults showed 83.7% in 2008 while the different group (infants and the youth) showed 83.8% in 2009. Specially the analysis conducted in 2014 showed the both group shoed more than 95%.

Side Effects and Safety

There were several cases of side effects like headache, muscle spasm in infants group but mostly the side effects were gone within a week and there were no urgent need to be hospitalized at all.

For the adult group, some of side effects were notified but no major concern at all and it vanished within days. There were no significant side effects like Guillain-Barre syndrome and anaphylaxis.

NIFDS stated that the effectiveness results may reside in a various ways but it is highly acclaimed to take a vaccine specially fo the infant group and aged adults having pneumonia or a respiratory disease.
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