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West-Seoul Prosecutor Office

to launch new team
Dedicated to investigate on Food and Drug.

Leslie Chang ( 다른기사보기 

2015-03-23 오전 10:53 페이스북 트윗터 목록 보기 프린트

The West-Seoul district Prosecutor office led by Mr. Cheol-Kyu Whang is to initiate operation of the investigation of the Concentrated Food and Drug Safety Team effectively from 24th.

The West-Seoul office has performed the de facto-role but this re-shuffle embraces the bigger role for them from now on as the rebate investigation team is now under the control of the Central Prosecutor Office. As the result of the reorg, the central office is dedicated to the financial investigation while West-Seoul office is now responsible for food and drug.

Initially, West-Seoul office was supposed to run from April last year but due to the tragic incident of 'Se Wol' made it delay to officially launch the new investigation team.

However, this time is quite different. The totally separated team is now going to investigate the any Food and Drug related case.

The newly initiated team is led by Chief Prosecutor Mr. Cheol-Hee Lee with other 6 more prosecutors. Also, rebates-related cases will be investigated by the Food-Drug team not by the criminal office any more.
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