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Looking for another opportunity

Creating revenues through modifications and new approach to indicants.

Leslie Chang ( 다른기사보기 

2015-03-16 오후 1:05 페이스북 트윗터 목록 보기 프린트

Domestic pharmaceutical companies(P.Cs) are seeking into the varieties to exodus the depression by adding indicants and new form of dosage apply in their list of box to sell.

Crystal nomix recently had acquired the new drug approval and the market didn't reply as much as they expected, also the other majority P.Cs are still staying in winter seasons.

For breaking the ice age, the domestic P.Cs like LG Life and Science (LGLS) and DaeWon has released a new type of dosage form drugs as their beacon signal to seek the trends.

LGLS started to sell injection type of quinolones, named 'Pactive' from 2013 and DaeWon is about to get an approval of the new drug, Pelubi. DaeWon made Pelubi out of the extended release type so as to increase the drug compliance. It would be released to the market in the middle of this year.

They are not only paying attention to the type of the dosage and also trying to do the similar work on indicants. This implies that they would avoid the risks by doing separate investments on the clinical trials since the total amount would easily go over 10B KRW worth.

Pelubi is the case of having done with this fashion of an approach. Pelubi was firstly approved for ostarthritis and later on, they've expanded its applicants to the area of lumbar pain and proliferative arthritis. Recently, they are trying to adapt it to the upper respiratory inflammation, too.

Zaidena, a remedy for erectile dysfunction by Dong-Ah ST has initiated to expand it to the prostatism. Levanec by Yuhan also kicked off its successors.

Others P.Cs are working on making the combinations upon their original new drug formula.

BoRyung P.C released Kanarve for hypertonsion medicine, Gemiglo by LGLS for the diabetes. Kanarve released the liquor type for ARB-CCE and other combinations into the market, and Gemiglo as Metformin combination to the market.

Thanks to these following-up on the trendy market, the domestic P.Cs conditions are smoothly getting better. Kanarve has made 24.9B KRW revenue on last year, followed by the 20.9B on the previous year.

Gemiglo was bit sluggish at the initial phase but it has made 9.9B revenue last year. The total revenue sum would go easily over 12.2B if the combinations Gemimet's revenue is added up.

This still cannot be regarded as a blockbuster level of hit, however injection form of Pactive has showed a slight revenue up, which made 2.9B Rev last year. It was 220M Rev. from 2011 to 2013 that has been standing on this figures for long.

Pelubi by DaeWon has made 3.5B Rev. Thanks to the case of applying it to rheumatic indicants and lumbar pains, it stepped up on the 3.0B Rev. peak. They are seeking more revenue with the extended release and indicants of the upper respiratory inflammation.
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